The Ultimate eCommerce & Digital Marketing Conference
for Merchants, Retailers, Agencies, and Industry Professionals!


eCommBash is an eCommerce & Digital Marketing Event focused on knowledge sharing and useful advice

– and it’s coming back to Austin, Texas October 6-8, 2020!

eCommBash is intended to be different from every other eCommerce conference in the world. It’s a conference where the gurus pitching courses aren’t welcome to speak, but rather the do-rus, who have proven success actually *doing* eCommerce, come to share the things that have made them successful for no reason other than to give back and help you grow.

We’re focused on educating and informing eCommerce and digital marketing professionals of all experience levels. Every session will be packed with actionable strategies and tips that you can immediately apply to your business.

No fluff. No sales pitches. No gurus. No upsells.

As eCommerce professionals, we’ve been to dozens of conferences in the past. We’ve spent a lot of money and a ton of time to learn that most of these events are a significant waste of both.

So we built something different. We created eCommBash with a primary objective of DELIVERING KNOWLEDGE AND VALUE.

Quite simply… eCommBash is the eCommerce conference we always wanted to attend, but it never existed.

What exactly is eCommBash?

First of all, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great place to network and mingle with other like-minded professionals. It’s a place where the speakers are in the crowd listening to other sessions because they want to learn just like you do.

You’re going to arrive eager to learn some great tips and pointers you weren’t aware of, from some of the brightest experts in the eCommerce and digital marketing space. And you’re going to leave with not only tons of knowledge, but with many new lifelong friends as well.

You’re not going to leave eCommBash and go back to the status quo. When you’re a part of eCommBash, you’re a part of a family of people that support each other and celebrate each others’ successes – long after the event concludes for the year. 

Our speakers are industry experts and eCommerce professionals that will share everything they know about running a successful digital business. These people are ONLY there to help you, to share what they know so that you can use it for your own gain. 

This conference is about sharing knowledge and takeaways, with tips and ideas to help you and your business – period.

eCommBash 2019 is now in the books and it was incredible! If you were there, you know what we mean. If you weren’t there, you missed out and you don’t want to miss out again.

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During my entire 20+ year professional life in the eCommerce world, I've been a sponge - absorbing everything I could from the best eCommerce and digital marketing minds in the world, and I like to think also contributing to the evolution of the industry along the way.

I've always said that if I could just host an eCommerce event one time, I would make it the eCommerce & digital marketing event that I wish I could have attended as I came up in the industry.

So I made one.

eCommBash 2019 was exactly that. Thank you to those who attended, and I look forward to seeing all of you back in Austin in October 2020!
Joe Rozsa
Founder - eCommBash 2019