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eCommBash 2019 Daily Agenda

Tuesday, October 8

Wednesday, October 9

Thursday, October 10

eCommBash 2019

eCommBash 2019 is the most beneficial eCommerce & Digital Marketing Event

– and it’s coming to Austin, Texas October 8-10, 2019!

eCommBash is different from every other eCommerce conference in the world.

We’re focused on educating and inspiring eCommerce and digital marketing professionals of all experience levels. Every session will be packed with actionable strategies and tips that you can immediately apply to your business.

No fluff. No sales pitches. No vendor demos. No upsells.

As eCommerce professionals, we’ve been to dozens of conferences in the past. We’ve spent a lot of money to learn that most of them are a significant waste of time and money.

So we’re building something different. We’re building eCommBash with a primary objective of DELIVERING EXTREME VALUE.

Quite simply… eCommBash is the eCommerce conference we always wanted to attend, but it hasn’t existed.

What exactly is eCommBash?

First of all, it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be informative, and it’s going to be beneficial to you, professionally.

You’re going to arrive eager to learn some great tips and pointers you weren’t aware of, from some of the brightest experts in the eCommerce and digital marketing space. And you’re going to leave with not only tons of knowledge, but with many new lifelong friends in the industry.

You’re not going to leave eCommBash and go back to the status quo. When you’re a part of eCommBash, you’re a part of a family of people that support each other and celebrate each others’ successes long after this event concludes. 

Our speakers are going to be industry experts and eCommerce professionals that will share everything they know about running a successful digital business. These people are ONLY there to help you, to share what they know so that you can use it for your own gain. 

There are NO SALES PITCHES allowed by any speaker, and nobody is going to upsell you or try to get you to buy something else. Over the course of three days, you are going to learn everything you need to make more money in your own business. 

This conference is about sharing knowledge and takeaways, with tips and ideas to help you and your business – period.

We’re also investing all revenue from ticket sales back into the event. So the more attendees that register for eCommBash, the more incredible experiences we’ll be able to include as part of the event.

Our early bird pricing is based on number of tickets sold, rather than a date. The earliest backers get the best pricing, and there is no way to know when prices are going up. We’ve already sold out of the least expensive tickets, and there are less than 50 tickets available at any given tier.

If the event sells out – and we fully expect to sell all 350 tickets – then you can be sure that eCommBash is going to go from an incredible value and a great experience to an amazing event that you won’t be able to believe you just attended! We have some very special surprises up our sleeves, and if we can sell all 350 tickets, then we’ll be able to make them happen for you as attendees!

This event is for YOU – our ONLY goal for eCommBash 2019 is that you enjoy it so much that you are excited to come back and do it again even better in 2020.

Let’s Do This! Here’s what’s in store…

Reserve Your Spot!

Don't miss out! There are only 50 tickets available at each price level, and prices will increase without notice as soon as the last one is sold at the price level.

Don't delay, come enjoy the best eCommerce conference on the planet!

eCommBash 2019 Ticket

*Prices increase after every 50 tickets sold*
$ 599
  • **Save $900 Off of Full Price Ticket!
  • 3-Day Admission to eCommBash 2019

eCommBash VIP Experience

*Limited Availability*
$ 999
  • **Only 10 VIP tickets remain at this price**
  • 3-Day VIP Admission to eCommBash 2019
  • Reserved front row seating for all three days of eCommBash
  • Special recognition for you/your brand at eCommBash,
  • VIP dinner exclusively for VIP members and select speakers during the evening of October 8
  • Special VIP gift!

eCommBash 2019 Speakers

We have some amazing speakers lined up, with many years of industry expertise. Here is a list of who you can expect to learn from at eCommBash 2019!
Joe Rozsa
Joe Rozsa
Founder - Launch Commerce / eCommBash

Joe is an eCommerce & Digital Marketing expert with experience dating back to 1997, launching, leading and consulting for some of the biggest brands on the planet over his career. 

Austin Brawner
Austin Brawner
CEO - eCommerce Influence

Austin is one of the world’s most sought after ecommerce business coaches, as well as the host of the highly-acclaimed Ecommerce Influence podcast, recorded for the established ecommerce business owner and marketers. 

Eric Bandholz
Eric Bandholz
Founder & Creative Director - Beardbrand

At Beardbrand, Eric has fostered growth that comes from a brand-focused approach to business, with everything tying back to the mission to foster confidence through grooming.

Linda Bustos
Founder of Edgacent Ecommerce Advisors

Since 2007, Linda’s shared tips, tricks and best practices for eCommerce practitioners through the GetElastic Ecommerce Blog and her most recent book-to-blog project Ecommerce Illustrated.

Liz Pifko
Liz Pifko
Corporate & IP Lawyer - Cornivus Law

Liz is an award-winning business and IP attorney and the owner of Corvinus Law, a boutique virtual law firm focused on helping startups, small businesses and online entrepreneurs in the areas of intellectual property & more. 

Chandler Welling
CEO & Founder - Welling Media

As CEO & founder of Welling Media, Chandler is reponsible for creating content for popular brands like Snow Teeth Whitening, The Retrofit Source, Walmart, Lovoir, and over thirty other 7, 8 & 9 figure eComm brands. 

Jay B Sauceda
Jay B Sauceda
Founder - Sauceda Industries

Sauceda Industries owns and services e-commerce brands. They own the Texas Humor social media brand (which has over 2 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and handles warehousing and shipping logistics for brands like Tecovas Boots, Howler Brothers, Austin City Limits, and more.

Shakil Prasla
Shakil Prasla
Co-founder - ProClick Ventures

ProClick Ventures is an investment firm with over a dozen acquisitions across multiple eCommerce industries, including prescription eyewear, metal promotional products, fitness gear, fashion accessories, custom apparel, and print media.

Colin McGuire
Colin McGuire
Co-Founder & CEO - BOOMN

Colin McGuire is the co-founder and CEO of Boomn. As a writer, his work has been published on Forbes and His public speaking has brought him to the biggest stages in eCommerce. Since starting his first eCommerce business in 2010, Colin has lead the growth of 11 eCommerce companies to exits. 

Thank You to Our eCommBash Sponsors

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Be a part of the Ultimate eCommerce & Digital Marketing event, and hang out with over 350 eCommerce merchants and industry professionals!

There are only 10 booths available and THEY WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY.
Other smaller sponsorship opportunities are available as well.

We offer a variety of options based on exposure level and budget – whether that’s $2,500 or $15,000 – our sponsorship opportunities will help you get in front of the right crowd.

The Bash

Wednesday Night, October 9

Join us on Wednesday Night for THE BASH – our networking event with a terrific Austin experience and open bar. Get to know some of the other eCommerce professionals in attendance, and enjoy yourself in a great night of fun after a great day of learning. Admission is included with your eCommBash 2019 ticket!

During my entire 20+ year professional life in the eCommerce world, I've been a sponge - absorbing everything I could from the best eCommerce minds in the world, and contributing to that evolution along the way.

I've always said that if I could just host an eCommerce event one time, I would make it the eCommerce & digital marketing event that I wish I could have attended as I came up in the industry.

So I made one.

I hope to see you there.
Joe Rozsa
Founder - eCommBash 2019

Post-Conference Strategy Jam & Retreat

Friday, October 11*

*This event is NOT included with an eCommBash 2019 ticket

This post-conference special event is limited to 8 attendees to join Joe Rozsa and a special guest for:

  • a party bus ride to a private resort in an incredible, historic small town outside of Austin
  • 2 nights stay included in your own $500/night private cottage (with hot tub, so bring a significant other and make it a mini vacation).
  • 9am-3pm Friday – eCommerce strategic jam session covering topics relevant to Q4 and the holiday season, and strategy specific to YOUR business.
  • 4pm – Party bus ride back to Austin & VIP Tickets ($500/each) to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, featuring headlining band, Guns n Roses
  • Party Bus ride back to private resort.
  • Saturday 9am to noon – Additional business strategy jam
  • 1pm Conclusion – Party Bus ride back to Austin

*Itinerary subject to 8 Strategy Jam tickets sold, or we will stay at a location in Austin instead of the resort.
** A +1 is welcome at all activities, but ACL Fest VIP ticket is additional $500

Thursday, October 10

Friday, October 11

Saturday, October 12

Guns 'N Rozsas eCommerce Strategy Jam & Retreat

*Only 8 tickets total*
$ 2,499
  • This includes VIP access to eCommBash 2019
  • Party bus ride to a private resort in an incredible, historic small town outside of Austin
  • 2 nights stay included - in your own $500/night luxury cottage (with private hot tub, so bring a significant other and make it a nice getaway)
  • eCommerce Strategic Jam Session covering topics relevant to Q4 and strategy specific to YOUR business
  • Party bus ride back to Austin & 1 VIP Ticket ($500 face value) to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, featuring headlining band, Guns n Roses
  • Party Bus back to private resort
  • Saturday Strategy Jam Session
  • Party Bus Back to Austin