eCommBash Track & Session List

The full details of our 2022 agenda will be announced soon, but here is a sneak peak of many of the tracks and sessions that will take place over all three days of eCommBash!  Our goal is to make this the most educational and informative eCommerce and digital marketing conference in the world, and supporting a great cause at the same time.

eCommBash will be a combination of a live event and also streamed around the world, with speakers available for live chat Q&A so you can communicate, collaborate and participate live with the experts during the event, May 10 – 12, 2022.

Tickets are ONLY $99 for all of these sessions from the brightest minds in eCommerce and digital marketing! Grab one today!

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

The Business of eCommerce

Shopify Best Practices

eCommerce Digital Marketing

  •   The Business Models of eCommerce
  •   The Financials of eCommerce
  •   Product Sourcing
  •   Hiring for eCommerce
  •   Careers in eCommerce
  •   Selling Wholesale – B2B Commerce
  •   Courses – Avoiding the Fake Gurus to Learn from Do Ru’s
  •   Buying an Existing eCommerce Businesses
  •   Financing your eCommerce Start-Up
  •   Importing Products from Outside the U.S.
  •   Secrets of The First Million Dollars in Sales
  •   Selling on Amazon
  •   Successful Marketplace Strategies
  •   Structuring an eCommerce Team
  •   Innovating as a Start-Up eCommerce Brand
  •   Launching a Brand from Scratch
  •   The Future of Brands
  •   Exiting Your eCommerce Business
  •   Crushing Q4 in a Chaotic 2020
  •   Selecting and Configuring The Right Theme
  •   Page Builders
  •   Product Information Is Key to Conversion
  •   eCommerce’s Best Product Detail Pages
  •   Up-Sells and Growing Your AOV
  •   Customer Experience Is Everything
  •   The Best Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed
  •   Conversion Rate Optimization
  •   Merchandising Your Site
  •   Building Trust with Ratings & Reviews
  •   Tracking and Rewarding Ambassadors
  •   Rewarding Your Most Loyal Customers
  •   The Shopify Marketplace
  •   Shopify Fulfillment
  •   Utilizing Customer Feedback & Data
  •   Site Search & Personalization
  •   Operating a Global Digital Business
  •   Time to Move to Plus?
  •   Communicating with Your Customers
  •   Next Generation Fulfillment
  •   SEO
  •   Google Ads
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Facebook Ads
  •   Instagram for eCommerce
  •   Research and Measuring Success
  •   Google Shopping
  •   Snapchat Ads
  •   Pinning for the Win – Pinterest
  •   Advertising on TikTok
  •   Killer Ad Creative Tips to Crush
  •   Creating Your Brand Voice – The Power of Copywriting
  •   Affiliate Marketing for Your Brand
  •   SMS Marketing
  •   Twitch for eCommerce
  •   Google Analytics Deepdive
  •   Using Podcasts to Generate Sales
  •   Influencer Marketing Tips and Tricks
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