eCommBash 2019 Full Agenda

What's Next in eCommerce

Joe Rozsa

Tuesday, October 8 – 1 pm – Joe Rozsa

2020 brings in a new decade of eCommerce, the 4th in the ever-evolving industry of digital commerce and modern marketing. 

Joe Rozsa started in eCommerce in 1997, and has seen the industry evolve through all 3 prior decades (the 90’s, the 00’s, and the 10’s) and will share thoughts and insights around what to expect in the next 10 years. 

How to Identify - and Create - Your Own Product From An Idea

Joe Rozsa

Tuesday, October 8 – 4:30 pm – Joe Rozsa

As the former VP of eCommerce & Consumer Products for brands like the Chive and Rooster Teeth, Joe has a decade of experience in taking products from idea to reality, building new brands and bringing new products to market. 

Driven by an idea that started a few years ago with one of many trips to China and Canton Fair, Joe decided to blend his love of the water with a desire to build the best quality inflatable stand up paddleboards in the world.

This led to founding a company called Cabo Lago, which is launching a new, flagship product on Kickstarter next week.  This session will take you through the journey of identifying an idea, and the steps required to turn it into a real, ready to sell product, and ultimately a successful brand. 

50 Days to Black Friday - Your Playbook For Success

Joe Rozsa

Thursday, October 10 – 9:30 am – Joe Rozsa

Black Friday 2019 is exactly 50 days from today, October 10. Are you prepared? 

Most companies at this point are still not 100% locked in for their Q4 plans. Even if they know what they want to do on Black Friday / Cyber Monday, they don’t have the full holiday shopping season planned out, and are potentially leaving dollars on the table.

S/VECTR - The Timeless Facebook Ads Framework

Joe Rozsa

Thursday, October 10 – 1 pm – Joe Rozsa

There are a ton of Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategies out there, and almost all of them are empty and worthless. So-called experts charge thousands of dollars to teach these methods and sell courses, but the only revenue they’ve ever generated comes in selling the course.

S/VECTR is a framework – not a method – that takes the most tried and true marketing pillars and applies them to advertising your eCommerce business on a platform such as Facebook/Instagram. 

In this session, Joe Rozsa will walk you through, in detail, the S/VECTR framework and share how it is a best practice for planning and executing your own marketing campaigns.