eCommBash 22 Sponsorship Opportunities


We’re thrilled that you are interested in partnering with us at eCommBash!

This year’s event is going to be streamed around the world with a goal of being the best eCommerce & Digital Marketing conference on the planet, valuable for brands, retailers, entrepreneurs, agencies and industry professionals. 

We expect over 1000 attendees this year and have some truly great software to help our sponsors engage with attendees in a way they likely have never done so at an event before.

We’ll have a virtual expo hall, with booths to offer your own online space for attendees to interact with you and learn more about what you offer. There will also be a scavenger hunt and other gamification built into the platform to encourage attendees to engage with sponsors, watch your videos, download case studies and brochures, and even video chat with your sales team.

We would love to work with you to make this event a great investment for you, and to make the event an absolute must-attend event for your company in the future. The conference platform remains active for at least six months after the event, and so there will be ample opportunity for attendees to follow-up and revisit, and to see your brand and to learn about you and your business.

Fill out the form below the tier descriptions to learn more!

*Discounted sponsorship rates are $1,000 off Diamond Level, $500 off Gold Level, and $250 off Silver level.

eCommBash 2021 Sponsorship Application
Thank you for your interest in sponsoring eCommBash 2021. We have invested in a great software package to deliver an incredible virtual event this year, ensuring engagement and promotion to sponsors that are selected to be a part of our event this year! We look forward to working with you to make this event the Ultimate eCommerce & Digital Marketing Learning Conference on the planet!
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